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I'll Freak Out If the New York Jets Draft ______

A little more than a month ago, we discussed some potential first round candidates in the 2015 NFL Draft that we believe are likely to be busts. However, I wanted to tailor that question a little more specifically to the New York Jets. We've discussed ad nauseam who we want to see the team take with their first round selection, but not as much who we don't want to see them draft. So here's the question. Who would you boo if the Jets draft in the first round?

I mentioned in the last post that I think Danny Shelton will be a bust, but I don't expect the Jets to even be considering him, so he's not my answer here. I would likely boo if the team were to draft an offensive tackle at #6 other than La'el Collins. I just don't see anyone else being worth that high of a pick. I would also likely boo if they were to draft a cornerback, even someone like Marcus Peters, who I love. Finally, I'd boo if they draft a quarterback not named Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota. Other than those two, I don't believe there's a quarterback worth being drafted in the first three rounds, much less at #6 overall.

What about you?