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Jets Take Edge Rusher in Latest SBN Mock

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation's Mocking the Draft has a new mock draft. Dan Kadar goes outside the box with the Jets' selection at six.

6. New York Jets: Bud Dupree, DE, Kentucky

In a scenario where both quarterbacks are gone, that leaves the team trying to fill big needs at pass rusher and right offensive line. For the Jets, Dupree could be the speed rusher that’s currently nonexistent on the roster.

Options: Amari Cooper (WR), Brandon Scherff (OT)

Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Dante Fowler, Leonard Williams, and Vic Beasley are off the board in this mock.

Taking an edge rusher would make sense for the Jets. They are loaded with talent on the interior. What they lack is the kind of edge rusher who can punish the opposition for double teaming the likes of Wilkerson and Richardson. I only question whether Dupree is the right edge rusher at six. You'd probably have to talk me into trading back in the first round and then taking Dupree. Dupree at six? I'd have a tough time with it.

Click here to read David Wyatt's scouting report on Dupree:

I have a real problem with Dupree. He has the potential to be a dominant force, but he is so inconsistent, it worries me. He made a lot of good plays in college, but you want to see him make even more. He knows how to play with proper technique, he just doesn't do it very often. I watched a number of games from last year and he was hardly ever double-teamed, unlike players like Gregory, Ray, Fowler and Beasley, yet he still didn't light it up. He flashes his potential as a dominant pass rusher, then he gets bullied by a tight end on the next play. If you can coach him up to be more consistent you may have a fantastic prospect on your hands. if you can't coach out the inconsistency, you're probably in trouble.