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Maccagnan: Jets Not Shopping Wilkerson

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets selected USC defensive lineman Leonard Williams tonight. On paper, he would profile as a replacement for Muhammad Wilkerson. WIlkerson is entering the final year of his contract, and there is no indication of progress on an extension. General manager Mike Maccagnan says the Jets are not looking to deal Wilkerson, however.

Now, I don't think there is any question this selection makes it more likely the end of Wilkerson's Jets career is near. Drafting Williams makes it easier for the Jets to walk away from Wilkerson if Mo's contract demands get too high. It also makes it easier to trade Mo if another team makes a competitive offer. This isn't necessarily the end, though. These linemen have plenty of versatility. Sheldon Richardson is three year from a payday, and Williams is about to begin a rookie deal. The Jets could keep Wilkerson and Williams.