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Leonard Williams Pick Approval Rating

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Do you approve of the selection of Leonard Williams?

I do. This pick is the epitome of the divide between need and best player available in the NFL Draft. The Jets did not need another big interior lineman. Williams just provided too much value to pass up. During Draft season, if you asked ten observers who the best pure talent was in this year's Draft, six to eight probably would have chosen Williams. This gives the Jets five talented linemen, all of whom are best used on the interior. Williams, Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, and Quinton Coples are all pretty versatile, though. Only Damon Harrison is a pure interior run stuffer.

Todd Bowles is a very creative defensive coach, and there are ways to utilize all of these players together. This pick also strengthens the Jets' hand in Muhammad Wilkerson contract negotiations. The Jets had some leverage just by having Sheldon Richardson. Now with Williams in the mix, the Jets have no reason to overpay if Wilkerson's demands are too high.

What do you think?