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Draft Rumor: Jets Want to Move To #2 For Dante Fowler Jr

This is a very interesting take

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Are you tired of the rumor mill yet? Should we just go back to talking about voluntary workouts?

According to Benjamin Allbright, the man behind complete QBR and a regular on many major sports stations, the Jets are looking to make an aggressive move to #2 in the draft, but not for Marcus Mariota:

Now you all know I have a lot of time for Dante and I love him as a prospect, I really do. However I don't think I'd be willing to trade up for him. With the amount of picks we have, the only player I'd really want to trade up for would be Mariota, and that's only if the team believe he's a franchise guy, which they would, because otherwise they wouldn't move up.

Just for the record, I've followed Benjamin for quite a while and he's not the kind of commentator who will just make something up. He's heard this, but just because he has heard it, doesn't mean it's true, I can't stress this enough right now.

We've talked about moving up for Mariota, how would you feel if the Jets moved up for Dante Fowler Jr?