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ESPN Draft Expert Todd McShay Releases His Final Mock Draft: Vic Beasley To The Jets

Mayock released his one and only mock last night, McShay released his 6th and final one today.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

There isn't a great deal left to say about mock drafts now, but Todd McShay has released his final one and he has the Jets selecting Clemson pass rusher Vic Beasley, here is the explanation:

Analysis: I have Beasley lower down on my board, at No. 25, but I know other evaluators like him a lot more than I do. The Jets really need an edge rusher, and he has excellent quickness and was very productive at Clemson. I also wouldn't rule out the Jets trading up to draft Mariota. I've heard some chatter about it, and there's definitely some love for Mariota in the Jets' building.

I'm not a huge Beasley guy, but I like him enough to give him the benefit of the doubt as a top 10 selection.

For everyone who is interested, the players taken ahead of the Jets in this scenario were:

1- Jameis Winston

2- Marcus Mariota

3- Amari Cooper

4- Leonard Williams

5- Dante Fowler Jr

In this scenario I would prefer to take White over Beasley, but I have no problem with this. The draft is coming!