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New York Jets Draft Rumor: Jets Still Have Interest In Moving For Oregon QB Marcus Mariota

It's draft day, which means you're about to be hit with 1,000 different rumors.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Happy draft day to one and all.

We're only hours away from finding out who the Jets will select with their first round selection. You never know what to believe, but according to Todd McShay, the Jets still have interest in moving up for Mariota.

We don't know if this is a smokescreen or if the team has a genuine interest in moving for the Oregon prospect. What I will say is, if you go through the evaluation process and you believe you're in striking distance of a franchise QB, you pull the trigger. It's the most valuable position in all of football.

The Jets could have serious interest, or they could be putting up a smokescreen, who knows. I did read last night that the Titans were looking for three 1st round draft picks for the 2nd overall selection, to which most people have laughed at. The beauty of today? You will have a number of rumors to discuss, dismiss or get excited about.