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2015 NFL Draft Schedule: Dates, Times, and TV Broadcast Details

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL Draft begins today. Here is what you need to know about watching the event from Chicago.

Round One: Thursday, April 30th

8:00 PM Eastern

Day one kicks off at 8:00 PM Eastern. There will be live coverage on both ESPN and NFL Network. Teams will have ten minutes between picks in the first round.

Rounds Two and Three - Friday, May 1st

7:00 PM Eastern

The festivities get pushed back to 7:00 tomorrow night as we hit the second and third rounds once again on both ESPN and NFL Network. In the second round, teams will have seven minutes between picks, down from ten in the first round. In the third round, the time between picks drops to five minutes, but not for all of them. Compensatory picks, which begin in the third round only have four minutes. That goes for compensatory picks in any round.

Rounds Four through Seven - Saturday, May 2nd

12:00 PM Eastern

The Draft concludes on Saturday afternoon with the final four rounds on both ESPN and NFL Network. Rounds three through six have five minutes between picks with the exception of compensatory picks, which get four minutes. The seventh round has four minutes between picks.