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Bowles Won't Be Lobbying For Players Tonight

The head coach won't be banging the table for any of "his guys"

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Post voluntary workout press conferences are usually pretty dull affairs, but there was an interesting note from Bowles yesterday about whether he will lobby for his players.

One thing that was prominent in a Rex Ryan draft was that he usually got at least one of his guys. How much influence Ryan had on selections, we'll never truly know but Ryan would often speak about getting one of his guys, Tajh Boyd was an example of one of his guys. So when Bowles was asked about lobbying for certain players, I thought his answer was quite interesting:

No, as a position coach, I used to lobby for players because I couldn't get enough defensive backs or enough guys on defense as a coordinator, but as you grow into it you have to understand, all you get to see is college highlights and you hear about guys but until you do film work on your own, and you get a good sense of who those guys are, I've learned not to lobby for guys because they may not be what you thought they were. You just try to keep calm and you just try to treat everybody fairly. You weigh the good and the bad and you try to take the best player.

My main criticism of Rex Ryan was that he never learnt how to let go of being a defensive coordinator and take on the role of a head coach. This is the most logical answer I've heard a head coach give this draft season, and this makes me confident.

He knows that he's now a head coach and as such he needs to delegate some of his responsibilities to have a better understanding of the whole team. Yesterday he confirmed that he'd spent a significant amount of time with the offensive lineman, today he's basically saying I don't get to do the research, you trust the people you pay to scout.

Todd Bowles is becoming a head coach, and it's clear for everyone to see.