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Mike Mayock Mocks Kevin White To The Jets

Mike Mayock doesn't do mocks until the day before the draft, it's probably the most logical choice given how much changes from one week to another.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Mock drafts are readily available from hundreds of draft sites and thousands of analysts, however the Mayock mock is always the most anticipated one. He releases one a year, and he does it on the eve of the NFL draft. Not even Kiper or McShay can compete with Mayock for the most anticipated mock.

As always, mock drafts mean very little. Most don't include trades and most get thrown off by one surprising move.

However in the opinion of Mayock, the Jets should draft Kevin White, the wide receiver from West Virginia. Explaining his selection, Mike said:

White would be a great addition to the Jets. Is he a one-year wonder? That's the question, but his upside is tremendous. He gives Geno Smith another weapon.

Now I love this selection. In Mayocks mock, Mariota, Cooper, Williams and Fowler are all gone, which leaves Kevin White for the Jets.

There isn't a great deal not to like about White, he caught a lot of balls in 2014 and he improved every single area of his game, he gets a fantastic release and consistently gains separation with ease. Pair him with Decker and Marshall and you have quite the trio of receivers.