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No Timetable On RB Stevan Ridley's Return

The Jets have Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell, but they're looking for a 3rd running back, just in case Ridley isn't ready for training camp.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

I would be very surprised if we came away from the draft this weekend without a running back, it's just the feeling I get based on what the coaching staff and management are saying and have been saying for the last few weeks.

Day 2 of voluntary workouts is in the books and Todd Bowles was asked about the health of the newest Jets running back Stevan Ridley:

To be honest with you, I don't know. They are monitoring that and he's running straight ahead, but cutting and doing everything that he needs to do, until I can start seeing some of that, then I could probably give you a better answer. Right now, it's just week by week and kind of go as you go. Hopefully he will be ready for training camp and we will see how it goes.

Even if Ridley is fit and healthy, I think we'll bring in another back anyway. For as good as Ridley is, he's not a receiving back, in fact in 4 years he's only caught 23 balls for 146 yards and 0 touchdowns.He's very similar to Chris Ivory in that he is a tough receiving back who churns out the tough yards.

If Ridley can't go then the Jets will be looking to add a 3rd back:

We still have one on the team, we still have (Daryl) Richardson. Obviously, if we don't have one, we'll try to get one, in the draft, or there are still free agents out there, but we will make sure we have numbers going in (to camp). I can't tell you who the third guy is right now because nobody is there.