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Drafting All Pros: Secondary

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

We conclude our look at where the elite talent in the NFL was drafted by looking at the secondary. As has been the case with other posts, to make this list a player needs to have made an AP All Pro first or second team since 2010.


Player Round Pick
C. Woodson 1 4
P. Peterson 1 5
C. Bailey 1 7
J. Haden 1 7
C. Rogers 1 9
D. Revis 1 14
A. Talib 1 20
J. Joseph 1 24
D. McCourty 1 27
N. Asomugha 1 31
C. Tillman 2 35
T. Jennings 2 62
A. Verner 4 104
R. Sherman 5 154
C. Harris UDFA 255
B. Grimes UDFA 256

Average pick: 63

Median pick: 26

What sticks out?

As the NFL becomes more of a passing league, cornerback has become a premium position. Having somebody who can lock up one the focal point of an opposing passing attack is worth its weight in gold. As such, teams need to find premium corners early in the Draft. Unlike edge rusher, where plenty of diamonds in the rough are available, it seems like the top corners go quickly. Over 60% were gone by the end of round one, and three out of four by the end of round two.


Player Round Pick
E. Berry 1 5
M. Huff 1 7
A. Rolle 1 8
E. Thomas 1 14
M. Jenkins 1 14
T. Polamalu 1 16
M. Griffin 1 19
E. Reed 1 24
D. McCourty 1 27
E. Weddle 2 37
T. Ward 2 38
J. Byrd 2 42
N. Collins 2 51
D. Sharper 2 60
G. Quin 4 112
D. Goldson 4 126
K. Chancellor 5 133
C. Harris 6 181
Q. Mikell UDFA 263

Average pick: 62

Median pick: 37

What sticks out?

At a number of seemingly lower value positions, it seemed like a big proportion went in the first round. That isn't the case here. Safety is the rare position where under half went in the first round. While you can wait for a safety, do not wait too long. The vast majority went before the end of the second round. The second round does seem like a nice sweet spot. Safety reminds me a bit of guard in that a large number of players on the lists were converts from another position. While a number of guards were originally tackles, many of the safeties on the list (Rolle, Jenkins, Collins, McCourty, Quin, Weddle, etc.) had extensive experience at corner in college and/or the pros. If you have a corner struggling, it might be worth a chance to give him a look at safety.