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NFL Draft Lessons I've Learnt Through The Years

We spend so much time preparing for the draft, however there are a few things I know now that I didn't know 10 years ago.

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I've been writing about the Jets and the NFL draft now for a decade, and I've been doing that here on GGN for the last 5 years, along the way I've been taught a few lessons along the way.

So today I decided to put them up and I hope you'll comment with the lesson's you've learnt along the way.

  • It Never Goes To Plan - You can read all the mock drafts you like, do all your own evaluation and write up as many articles as you like, nobody knows what will happen in the draft.
  • A Trade Will Mess It Up - Even the most dedicated of draft experts will have their mock draft undone by one trade. Whether it be a blockbuster or a small move at the back end of round one.
  • Someone Will Fall - There will be one player who's expected to go in the top 12-15 picks of the draft who falls into the second round for one reason or another.
  • A player you have a mid-round grade on will either go in the 7th or go undrafted, it happens to me every single year.
  • There will be a move that makes you scratch your head in the first 10 selections. Someone will reach or someone will trade their house.
  • The Jets will make a selection that fans in attendance will disagree with (vocally).
  • New England will trade down at some point and stock-pile a lot of picks.
  • Someone will legal or maturity issues will fall a lot further than you ever imagined, even if they have talent.
  • Someone who has been graded as a first round talent will be selected in the 3rd round or lower and be labelled as the steal of the draft.
  • At least one team will reach for a Quarterback it thinks it needs. My bet is that Hundley will go a lot earlier than many people predict and probably earlier than he should.
  • There will be at least one trade that you feel is one-sided, usually it turns out to be anything but that, you need to trust that most GM's know what they are doing.
  • One of the players you really like, will end up going to a rival. Jarvis Landry was the guy for me last year and Aaron Dobson the year before.
  • A player you think will be a star will either flop or have a mediocre career.
  • A player you think will flop will go on to have a very good career.
  • You'll get frustrated with a draft analysts evaluation of your selection. A lot of the draft analysts have to know a little bit about all 32 teams, so they won't have the in-depth knowledge that you have, in turn this will result in them saying something that will annoy you.
  • Last but not least, nothing surprises me anymore.