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Brian Winters Will Get Work At Center

The New York Jets are talking competition and depth, well it seems as though they're trying some new things to improve both.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday Brian Winters lined up at center with the 2nd team to get much needed reps. Obviously Winters was drafted and played as a guard his first two years with the Jets.

When asked about the move, Bowles responded:

We have been moving a lot of guys around early in case of injuries. During the season, a lot of injuries happen. So, a lot of guys have been moving across the line just to get some reps in case of injury.

That makes perfect sense to me. Although Mangold is highly durable and we do have a promising back-up in Dalton Freeman still on the roster, getting Winters some time at center is a good idea, just in case emergency strikes.

If I were Winters, I would be welcoming the opportunity to line up at several different spots on the offensive line. It's no secret that Winters has struggled mightily in the NFL since being drafted, after starting the year like a barn door, allowing pressure on a regular basis, his season was ended through injury.

Aboushi came in and although he struggled, he performed better than Winters. Then we re-sign Colon and sign free agent James Carpenter. I'm sure Winters will get a chance to compete at guard this year but if he is beaten out, he needs to show his value to keep a roster spot. Being able to play both guard positions and center would do that.