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Drafting All Pros: Linebacker

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Today we take a look at where the top linebackers in the NFL were drafted. In this case, we are not talking about linebackers like Von Miller and Justin Houston whose primary value comes from rushing the passer. We already covered them Instead, this is a look at traditional linebackers who primarily defend the run and drop into coverage. To make this list, a player needs to have made at least one AP All Pro first or second team since 2010.

Player Round Pick
B. Urlacher 1 9
L. Kuechly 1 9
J. Mayo 1 10
P. Willis 1 11
D. Johnson 1 15
B. Cushing 1 15
L. Timmons 1 15
C. Greenway 1 17
C. Mosley 1 17
R. Lewis 1 26
K. Dansby 2 33
D. Washington 2 47
B. Wagner 2 47
L. David 2 58
D. Levy 3 76
N. Bowman 3 91
L. Fletcher UDFA 242
V. Burfict UDFA 253

Average pick: 55

Median pick: 22

What sticks out?

I have seen a few people here talk about the linebacker position being devalued in today's NFL. I think there is something to this. Nobody on this list went higher than ninth overall. At certain positions, there are a number of mid to late round picks. That might mean that teams have difficulty evaluating the position correctly or that it is relatively easy to develop players at that position. This does not seem to be true at linebacker. Most of these players went early. They just didn't go super high in the Draft. If you are sitting in the middle of the first round, a linebacker can be a nice value pick.