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Todd Bowles - Geno Is Grasping The New Offense Pretty Well

It's only day one so we can't get carried away, however Geno is picking it up pretty well so far.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Todd Bowles made a point to say that nobody is getting promoted or demoted on the first day of voluntary mini-camp. After all there is no contact and no pads, so it's hard to get a grasp of anyone's true potential.

With the draft just over 24 hours away, the question of whether the Jets will select a quarterback is high on the agenda for most of the New York media. Could we swing something for Winston? Will Mariota fall to the Jets or will be surprise everyone and fall for someone like Petty or Grayson.

With Ryan Fitzpatrick rehabbing from a season ending injury, Geno Smith will get the majority of the work early in voluntary camp and subsequent sessions, when asked for his first impressions of Geno, Bowles was complimentary as expected:

He is bright. He is smart. He is attentive. He's learning a new system. He's gung ho. Individually, his physical skills he can throw the ball and make every throw. Today is the first day we actually had offense against defense and defense had a lot of stuff in that they messed up on that the offense needed to see and the offense had a lot of things in that they messed up on that the defense needed to see. From an overall standpoint as early as I can say, he is grasping it pretty good.

Obviously he's not going to say anything else. However if Geno is smart and he has the athletic ability to go with it, there is no reason why he can't make that jump in year 3. This really is a make or break year for Geno, if he flops again, he won't get a head-start on a starting job again next season.