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Reports: Jets Not Looking to Trade Wilkerson

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a report today that teams had called the Jets interested in trading for Muhammad Wilkerson, multiple beat writers say the Jets have no plans to trade the star defensive lineman.

Teams can be interested in trading for Wilkerson, but that does not mean the Jets are interested in trading him. There is a certain price where it might make sense to trade any player. I get the feeling the price where it would make sense for the Jets to trade Mo outweighs any offer they would get for him. I don't forsee anybody offering multiple first round picks.

Anxious though it might make some people, there really hasn't been any need for urgency in extending Wilkerson. He is under contract at a reasonable price in 2015 due to his fifth year option, and the Jets can franchise him next year as a fallback option if nothing is worked out. Right now the focus is on the Draft. After that, the Jets can get down to business locking up their star lineman.