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Draft Rumor: Jets More Open To Moving Down

There will be a lot of talk between now and the Jets making their selection 6th overall on Thursday night.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Teams will release certain information to the media before the draft, whether it be the truth or a smokescreen, a double bluff or triple bluff, what we hear isn't always what it seems. However sometimes you do get logical and reasonable information passed through that you consider.

We've heard a lot about the possibility of moving up or down, and today the reliable Kristian Dyer heard from a source that the Jets are looking to move down rather than up in this years first round. Speaking to a league director who's team has had a conversation with the Jets, he said:

"It sounded like they were a team not looking to go up in the draft," the director said. "It was a conversation that sure sounded like a team that wanted to get more picks and move back. Certainly not desperate but actively looking – maybe due diligence is the way to put it – and getting more picks. But they very much wanted to talk about what might be out there in terms of trading down out of that pick."

I can't say as I'm that surprised. Most general managers now believe in the building through the draft philosophy and thanks to a number of trades, the Jets only hold 6 selections in this draft, half of what they had last year. The selections include their selections in the first four rounds and two in the seventh round, one attained from the Brandon Marshall trade.

Mike Maccagnan has already said the team would communicate with the teams behind them:

"What we're going to do this week is reach out, obviously, to the teams ahead of us and, quite frankly, teams behind us," Maccagnan said. "These are the phone calls we have when we're touching base with every team in the NFL. Other teams put out very vague feelers in terms of, 'Hey, are you guys interested in moving out of six?' And I don't want to necessarily go into who's said what"

I'm actually expecting the Jets to move back. I think they'll really fall for someone like Gurley who they could probably get between selection 10-15, meaning they can drop back and pick up a number of selections to enhance their chances of finding some draft gems.

Thursday is going to be very interesting for the Jets.