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New York Jets: DW's Top Six Big Board

We're taking it in turns here at GGN to publish our top 6 big board, yesterday the Salmon was up and today I give you mine.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

As Scott explained yesterday, if the team is going to go BPA then we only need 6 players on our board to guarantee our first round selection. I have no idea who the Jets have as their top players, but if I were in control of the Jets draft strategy I would have the following players listed as my top 6. If the first five all go with the first 5 picks, then the 6th player on the list is drafted. If only one players is selected in the first 5 picks, then my number 2 would be selected.

So I'm going to go straight from the top:

1) Jameis Winston

There is a lot I don't like about Winston but we're in desperate need of a QB with the skill-set to instantly produce. Winston has that. It doesn't mean he'll put it all together but he'd be topping my big board.

2) Dante Fowler Jr

I have a lot of time for Dante, he seems to impact the play more often than not. We need a pass rusher and he is the finest pass rusher in this draft. Good length, great talent.

3) Leonard Williams

You can't remove a player from your draft board just because there isn't a need. Williams has the talent to dominate at the next level and his bust potential is low.

4) Marcus Mariota

I still have faith in Mariota and I still think he'll be an excellent QB at the next level. I appreciate the concerns but he has an enormous amount of talent and a dedication to work that will ensure he excels.

5) Amari Cooper

One of the finest receivers I've studied in a long time, he really does have it all. Speed, hands and his route running is exceptional. He knows the nuances of the position, he'll be a star.

6) Kevin White

Love Kevin White as a prospect, he'll instantly be a threat in the red-zone, he has power and pace and he can pick the small things up as he goes. He'll dominate very early on.

There are a number of other players I would be happy with in the first round, including Beasley and Gurley, Ray, Peat and Scherff. However if we end up with any of the 6 I outlined, I'd personally be delighted.