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Who Is Your Draft Crush?

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

For anyone that watches college football or prospects for the NFL Draft, there's always someone you fall in love with. There's always someone that you're convinced is going to be a star, even if not everybody else sees it the same as you. This year, for me, it's Marcus Peters.

To me, when I see Peters, I see Darrelle Revis but with character concerns and more of a ballhawk. I see a complete corner that can press, play off-coverage, tackle, and go up and get the ball. He's aggressive and he'll beat the hell out of an opposing wide receiver. I believe he's a top-ten talent in the draft that will only fall because of his off-the-field issues.

Here are Peters' off-the-field issues. He failed a drug test in 2011, was suspended in 2013 for academic problems, suspended for a game last year for head-butting an opponent and throwing a sideline tantrum, suspended again for being late to team meetings and finally kicked off the team by head coach Chris Petersen after missing a practice. Oh, and he also allegedly choked an assistant coach. All in all, not good.

Peters attributes most of the issues to immaturity resulting from the sudden departure of Steve Sarkisian and transition to Petersen, who is much stricter. On the other hand, former teammate Shaq Thompson had this to say about him:

"He’s a great teammate. I played with him for three years. Comes to practice every day, hard-working. He watches a lot of film by himself. Sometimes I’d come down there and catch him watching film by himself. He was always trying to get better. That’s what I liked about his game. He put the extra time in to go watch film and know who he has to guard or who they put him on."

Overall, I'm not worried about his immaturity issues. Other than the one failed drug test, he isn't getting suspended for doing drugs, he isn't beating women. Most of his issues are simply him being an immature kid, so I think he can grow out of them. He's since apologized to Petersen, and was welcomed back to the team for its Pro Day.

I think this is especially true if he were on the New York Jets, as he'd have Revis and Antonio Cromartie to look up to and guide him, so he would have strong veteran role models. I think as far as teams go, the Jets are one of the best options for Peters if we want to see him maximize his potential.

So I'm not worried about the off-the-field stuff. I would be a little bit iffy if the team drafted him at six overall, simply because they've invested so much in cornerbacks during free agency, but from a talent perspective, I think he's worth it. He's gonna be a star. Who is your draft crush?