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Jaiquawn Jarrett Signs Jets' Tender

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Jaiquawn Jarrett is officially back with the Jets. The restricted free agent safety signed the one year offer the Jets made to him.

Jarrett, who entered the NFL with Philadelphia out of Temple, was released by the Eagles and signed with the Jets on Dec. 31, 2012. In his two seasons with us, he has played in 37 games (seven starts).

This was a formality. Although Jarrett was technically a free agent, any team that signed him away would have needed to give the Jets a third round pick in return. This is due to various quirks of the restricted free agent system, which are not interesting enough for an in-depth explanation. Just trust me.

Jarrett had a monster game against Pittsburgh in 2014, but the rest of his career has been undistinguished on two different teams. He seems to be purely competing for a roster spot as depth.

It is interesting the Jets tried to retain him. The Eagles cut him early in 2012, the one year Todd Bowles was Jarrett's position coach in Philadelphia. He was a second year player, and the Eagles had picked him in the second round the year earlier. One might have thought that suggested Bowles really didn't think he could play. Apparently this is not the case.