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Mike Maccagnan Gives Draft Insight

Mike Maccagnan or Ron Swanson?
Mike Maccagnan or Ron Swanson?
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Normally, when teams give press conferences before the NFL Draft (and, I suppose, in general), they issue a lot of platitudes. There isn't normally much information to be learned from these public sessions. I thought Mike Maccagnan gave a good amount of actual meaningful information without going over the line and just giving away all the team's secrets.

I think the most interesting tidbit from here is the section on outside linebackers. The team has brought in a considerable number of OLB prospects for private workouts, but hasn't signed one in free agency. So it's interesting to me that he seems to want to create a pipeline, when the team hasn't drafted an outside linebacker since the team hasn't really drafted one since 2008.