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Are You Happy the Jets Beat Tennessee and Miami?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In a brutal 2014 season, the Jets still managed to win two of their final three games. They beat the Titans Week 15 and the Dolphins Week 17. This dropped them to the sixth overall pick.

Back then, there was plenty of debate over whether this was a good thing for the franchise. Some just wanted a win and felt the Jets could get a great player no matter where they drafted. Others were upset about the loss of Draft position with two high first round quarterbacks on the board.

How did you feel then, and how do you feel now? Has your perspective changed at all? Were you just happy to get a win back then and now with the Draft days away wishing the Jets had a higher pick? Were you disappointed back then and now feel better because you realize this class has more elite prospects than you originally thought? Have you felt the same way the whole time.

Please be respectful to others below. This isn't a debate about your definition of what a "real fan." I'm just interested to see how many perspectives have changed with the season in the rear view mirror and the NFL Draft upon us.