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Jets 2015 Schedule Predictions: The ESPN View

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The ESPN writers for each NFL team released their predictions today for their teams schedule. That includes the love/hate figure of Rich Cimini for the Jets. Just in case you don't want to click over, Cimini predicts we'll go 8-8 on the year.

Thanks to an idea by our Chiefs blog, I went through the predictions from the ESPN writer for each of the Jets opponents, are we considered an easy game by them? Read below:

Week 1: vs Cleveland Browns - Jets 9-6 Browns (Record 1-0)

Week 2: @ Indianapolis Colts - Colts 21-10 Jets (Record 1-1)

Week 3: vs Philadelphia Eagles: Jets 13-27 Eagles (Record 1-2)

Week 4: @ Miami Dolphins (London): Dolphins 20-14 (Record 1-3)

Week 5: BYE

Week 6: vs Washington Redskins: Jets 20-16 Redskins (Record 2-3)

Week 7: @ New England Patriots: Patriots 24-13 Jets (Record 2-4)

Week 8: @ Oakland Raiders: Raiders 24-14 Jets (Record 2-5)

Week 9: vs Jacksonville Jaguars: Jets 7-17 Jaguars (Record 2-6)

Week 10: vs Buffalo Bills: Jets 23-19 Bills (Record 3-6)

Week 11: @ Houston Texans: Texans 17-10 Jets (Record 3-7)

Week 12: vs Miami Dolphins: Jets 16-17 Dolphins (Record 3-8)

Week 13: @ New York Giants: Giants 27-17 Jets (Record 3-9)

Week 14: vs Tennessee Titans: Jets 13-23 Titans (Record 3-10)

Week 15: @ Dallas Cowboys: Cowboys 23-16 (Record 3-11)

Week 16: vs New England Patriots: Jets 17-31 Patriots (Record 3-12)

Week 17: @ Buffalo Bills: Bills 24-13 Jets (Record 3-13)

Overall record: 3-13

I think it's pretty obvious that the rest of the league see us as an easy target, a straight forward game that their team should handle. I can't say as I blame them for the predictions, after all we were a 4-12 team. However I can't help feel as though these predictions were made looking at the 2014 New York Jets over the 2015 New York Jets. However this is the hand you're dealt with you don't have a QB. Will we be a 3-13 team next season? Absolutely no way, not with the talent we have on this club, although I don't expect us to be a 13-3 team either.

I can't see the Jaguars coming in and beating us on our own field, when you look at their roster. In reality this all means very little, but it's interesting to see how we are viewed throughout the league.