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Nate Orchard To Visit New York Jets Today

One of the most popular 2nd tier pass rushers will be in New York today.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

It's widely believed that the Jets will pick up a pass rusher at some point in the draft. If we decide to go elsewhere at #6 overall there is a chance we'll be looking for an OLB at the top of the second round and Utah star Nate Orchard is considered one of the best.

Today the Jets will be getting to know him according to a report:

I actually quite like Nate Orchard as a 2nd round prospect. 18.5 sacks last year and constantly buzzing around the QB's head. He's got a lot of potential but he gets his success through effort and foot quickness and doesn't possess a great deal of pass rushing moves. He gets engulfed at the point of attack and he isn't much of a factor against the run. He's also been called soft which is a worry for any defensive player, let alone a pass rusher. He's only had one year of success in college and that was 2014, was he a one hit wonder or is he finally growing into the position. I think he'll pick up coverage quite easily and he'll be a factor rushing the passer, however I'm wary that his bust potential is off the scales. You would really need to do more homework on him to feel confident.