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Jets Schedule Released: What Game Has You Most Excited?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The schedule is out. Which game has you most excited?

I think these are the top contenders with all due respect to the November 8 game against the Idzik consulted Jaguars.

Week 1 vs. Cleveland: The storylines are pretty tame. Mike Pettine's return doesn't have a ton of juice without Rex Ryan coaching. Nobody is tuning in to see Buster Skrine take on him former teammates. It's still the opener, though. Months of waiting finally come to an end.

Week 3: vs. Philadelphia: All right, this one probably won't have any added intrigue under normal circumstances. If something happens to get Mark Sanchez in Philly's starting lineup, though, watch out.

Week 4 vs. Miami in London: It's a big rivalry game in a unique setting. The 9:30 AM kickoff means you get to wake up to the Jets. By 1:00 your day might already be a success with a Jets win. Plus if you have the money and the time, it has the makings of an awesome vacation.

Week 7 at New England: It's Jets-Pats. It's Revis' return to New England, which carries even extra meaning after all of the tampering allegations.

Week 10 vs. Buffalo: Rex Ryan returns to the Meadowlands. Enough said.

Week 16: at NY Giants: It's the once every four years New York showdown. The Jets have waited a long time to pay back the Giants for Christmas Eve 2011. The Jets actually haven't beaten the Giants since 1993.