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Report: Bears Traded Marshall Over Money

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Marshall has known controversy in his NFL career. He has been traded three times. Given the low price the Jets paid to acquire the talented wideout, some might have wondered whether this was only about finances or whether there was more to the story, Kristian Dyer, citing a Bears source, says it was all about money.

"The trade was contract driven, freeing up salary cap space. He was on a big contract here," the source tells Metro New York. "It had nothing to do with him being this locker room issue or this villain. In fact, there were no issues like that that drove him out of here. It was all about the cap hit."


"There wasn't an issue with what Brandon said last year. Not at all. Those things happen in an NFL locker room, the older guys speak up and let their voices be heard. Brandon has earned that right," the source said. "He's been a pro here. Again, it wasn't about the money, that's headlines and radio people talking and speculating. The trade with the Jets wasn't about that."

So take that for what it is worth. The Marshall trade sounds like a pure salary dump. The Jets, who had a ton of cap space at the time, were able to absorb the contract.