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Willie Colon Defends Jace Amaro's Accountability Comments

Awesome, another opportunity to use this photoshop.
Awesome, another opportunity to use this photoshop.

Last week, Jace Amaro had some choice comments about how accountability was a concern when Rex Ryan was the head coach of the New York Jets. Ryan fired back, and is still harping about the topic.

Today, Willie Colon added onto the pile:

Colon isn't the only veteran to indicate that accountability was an issue; Demario Davis (link) and Nick Mangold (link) have also previously made similar comments. It seems awfully cowardly that Ryan has only gone after the rookie when three of the most respected veterans in the locker room have made similar accusations. I'm confident people will go after Willie the Penalty Machine for hypocrisy, but it's evident that this was a deep issue in among the team last year, and the more people that state it, the clearer it gets, no matter what Ryan says.