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Breshad Perriman Set To Visit The Jets

We are getting very close to the draft and the visits are rolling in, today we hear that Perriman will come in for a chat.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Perriman isn't a top 10 talent, well at least he doesn't appear to be a top 10 talent. However he is a first round talent and if the Jets do decide to either trade back in the first or trade up in the 2nd, it's good to know the talent available. He may even drop to the Jets selection in the second round.

Perriman is a 6'2, 212lb receiver from Central Florida. Last year he finished with an incredible 20.9 yards per catch mark which included 9 touchdowns. He's very fast, with ideal height and playing strength. He's explosive in his cuts, and he always gains separation. He sounds almost too good to be true, so why is he likely not a top 10 selection? His hands are inconsistent and he's extremely raw.

The thing is, he could be the best receiver in this draft, he really could. He has that quick-twitch acceleration that will enable him to get open a lot in the NFL. However the drops are a killer and a lot of teams may be scared away by them.