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Rex Ryan Isn't Letting Jace Amaro's Comments Go

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this month, Jace Amaro made some comments that the Jets weren't accountable last season under Rex Ryan. Ryan registered multiple complaints about this full of sound and fury in the days to follow. This morning on Kim Jones' show on WFAN, Ryan's continued his campaign against Amaro's comments as transcribed by Dom Cosentino:

"It's not the truth," Ryan said. "That kid's a little ... he's going to get ... we'll see what happens.

"The kid's got some talent," Ryan also said in his WFAN interview with Jones. "I'm just going to leave it at that. I just know one thing: He totally misspoke, and talk about accountable, he's going to be accountable when he go to play him. He's going to be accountable for his comments."

I can't help but say that if Rex was half as good at keeping promises like this in the offseason as he was at making them, he'd probably still be Amaro's coach. I'll leave the rest of the commentary to these capable media members/bloggers.