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NFL Mock Draft: Kiper Picks White, Harold, and Grayson for Jets

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Mel Kiper, Jr. has a new mock draft out. Unlike most mocks, he isn't necessarily projecting what he thinks each team will do. He is selecting the player he would pick for each team.


Round 1 (6) WR Kevin White, West Virginia
Round 2 (37) OLB Eli Harold, Virginia
Round 3 (70) QB Garrett Grayson, Colorado St.

Analysis: Yes, it would be nice to have Marcus Mariota fall to us at No. 6. But we're not going to pay a huge bounty like Washington did to move up for Robert Griffin III when I'm not convinced Mariota is a starter for us in 2015. I just think it's too much of a long-term setback, and I feel like even adequate play from either Ryan Fitzpatrick or Geno Smith makes us pretty competitive in 2015 because I think the defense can be special. So in adding White, I'm getting a weapon I can pair with Brandon MarshallEric Decker and Jace Amaro in the passing game. On paper, I now have a balanced and dangerous receiving corps. In Round 2, I'm getting Harold as a shot-out-of-a-cannon pass-rusher to complement the power components across my defensive line. Calvin Pace is 34, and Harold can make some plays in a limited role this coming season. In Round 3, I'm taking a shot on a good developmental QB. Grayson won't play early, but we don't have to rush him.

In case you were wondering, Winston, Mariota, Williams, Cooper, and Fowler were off the board before the Jets made their first pick.

I'm good with the White pick. I think he has all of the tools to be a top flight wide receiver in this league. I have represented the Jets as fake general manager in two mock drafts and picked White twice. I'm undecided about Harold at this point, but I'm not a big Grayson fan. I don't like the prospects after the top two. If I can't get them, I'd probably wait until the late rounds.

What do you think?