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Jets Could Make Up for Lost Picks Trading Down in Round 2

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of people seem to be hoping one of the top two quarterbacks falls to the sixth pick so the Jets can trade back and receive a huge package of picks in return. I think this is unlikely for the following reasons.

A. Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota probably will not drop to six barring something unexpected.

B. One of the biggest reasons is any team willing to make a monster trade offer probably wouldn't wait for these guys to fall to the sixth pick.

C. In the event they do fall to the sixth pick, the Jets really need a quarterback. The odds seem pretty good the Jets would just take one of these quarterbacks for themselves.

I am not wild about moving down too far anyway. This class doesn't seem like it has a ton of top end talent. Moving down from six might cost the Jets an opportunity to get said talent.

While much of the attention seems to be on trading down from six, I think a trade back in the second round might be a sound idea. Because of two trades for wide receivers in the past year, the Jets do not have their full inventory of picks. They sent a fifth rounder to Chicago for Brandon Marshall and a sixth rounder to Seattle for Percy Harvin. They did get a seventh rounder back from Chicago in the Marshall trade, but they are not slated to pick between early in the fourth round until the final round. That is quite a gap.

A trade down in the second round could fill the midround gap without dropping very far. Take a look at what teams picking in the top ten have gotten in exchange for trading down the last two years. All netted a lower second rounder and additional picks.

Team Pick Number of picks moved down Additional pick(s) in return
Washington 34 13 4th round pick
Seattle 40 5 4th and 7th round picks (gave up 5th round pick)
Buffalo 41 3 5th round pick
Tennessee 42 12 4th round pick
San Francisco 34 6 7th round pick and future 3rd round pick
Arizona 38 7 4th round pick

After losing fifth and sixth round picks, moving down a few slots in round two might well net the Jets an additional fourth. That would help the Jets make up for the midround depth lost in the trades.

Obviously this depends on a few things. A team has to want to move. The circumstances also have to be right for the Jets. If a player they have graded as a top fifteen talent falls to the second round, trading down wouldn't make much sense. I think under many circumstances, though, this year looking to move down in round two would be the sweet spot.