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New York Jets Flight Connections 4-15-15


Day three of substitute Flight Connections is here.

MMQB: Rex Ryan has a fresh start in Buffalo

Darryl Slater: Bill Polian says the Jets need to trade up if they want Marcus Mariota.

Turn on the Jets: A seven round mock.

NFL AM: Should the Jets trade up for Jameis Winston?

Eric Allen: How did free agency impact the Jets' strategy in the Draft?

Randy Lange: A look at the top offensive line prospects in the NFL Draft. The Jets are having scheduling problems with Jameis Winston.

The J-E-T Press: Looking back at the 2005 Draft.

The J-E-T Press: Meet Joe Mays.

Jet Nation: Calvin Pryor is excited to be playing strong safety

.And since I am the substitute teacher here, I will put GGN's famous Twitter widget below. You can scroll down to find other articles from beat writers in case anything important is not here.