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Rex Ryan Says Jace Amaro Is Full of Poop

This might explain why Amaro only ran a 4.74 40-yard dash.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jace Amaro had some words about Rex Ryan's coaching style last week, and Rex decided to respond instead of take the high road:

Welp. Rex is mad. It's certainly interesting to see Rex from the other side of the glass; his shtick certainly isn't as endearing when he isn't your head coach. While we of course do not know what went on behind the scenes last year, history has shown that Rex's teams have been, if anything, not accountable. What we do know from 2011's Collision Low Crossers confirms that there was little accountability under Rex.

Whether you think someone coming off their rookie season like Amaro is should be talking at all is one thing, but I don't think this is a good look for Rex. I believe it was our commenter Crackback that called Rex a "fake tough guy," and that sounds right about now. So call me biased, because I am unabashedly so, but it sounds like Rex is in the wrong here.

UPDATE: Amaro has responded.