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Jets To Host Private Workout With QB Garrett Grayson

The Jets are certainly doing their homework as they plan another workout with another quarterback.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

I've been very open about my admiration for Grayson for several months now, so I'm pleased to hear the Jets will be holding a private workout with the former Colorado State signal caller before the 2015 NFL Draft.

I went so far as to say I thought Grayson may get enough buzz to go at the end of the first round 5-6 months ago, that never really materialized but don't be surprised to see him go between picks 45-75.

Personally I think Garrett makes a lot of sense for the Jets and he has a lot of developmental prospects. He has 35 games worth of experience and owns pretty much every single Colorado State record. At 6'2 and 213lb's he has the size you'd want for the position. He has excellent touch on deep balls, good velocity, good production and he spots the ball in catchable areas.

I personally really like his game and think he'll be a lot better than many project. If the Jets are looking to pick up a QB to develop, I'd take Grayson in rounds 2-4.