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Scouting The Draft: New York Jets Mock Draft

With the draft just a couple of weeks away, I thought it was about time I released a mock draft. I've always said that creating a mock draft isn't something I love doing, but here are my selections and please feel free to rip them apart, as a wise man once said, when it comes to the draft, trying to please everyone is trying to achieve the impossible.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Round 1: Dante Fowler Jr, OLB, Florida. 6'3, 261lb's, 4.60 40.

I went back and forwards on this selection but I'm picking on the basis that I firmly believe that both Winston and Mariota will be off the board when we come to make our selection. I also believe that we have ignored the OLB position for far too long. With the talent we have on the defensive line and the talent we now have in the secondary, having a talented pass rusher from the linebacker position could make the World of difference to this football team. 15 tackles for loss and 8.5 sacks last year and he was disruptive on a consistent basis. He just has unlimited potential to become a pro bowl type player at the next level. He has the strength, instincts and athleticism to come in and immediately contribute and in 1-2 years, he'll be one of the most dangerous pass rushers in the league. We need some youthful exuberance at the position and Dante Fowler would bring that, this selection makes a lot of sense and I'm a big Fowler guy.

Round 2: Ereck Flowers, OT, Miami, 6'6 329lb's, 37 Bench Press

I know a lot of people would prefer to see a wide receiver here, but with the addition of Marshall and Kerley re-signing, as well as some young guys who didn't get much of a shot last year, I'm going to go with what I consider to be the biggest need on this team outside of the quarterback position. We really don't know what we have on the offensive line outside of Nick Mangold. Ferguson's play doesn't warrant his cap number and if he doesn't get back to the play of old, people may start questioning his value. Breno was inconsistent last year and the less said about our guard play the better. Aboushi looks to have talent and could develop but here is a guy who started the majority of his career at left tackle, but who probably projects better inside. He could get by at right tackle in the NFL, however he's a mauler, a guy who just dominates in the run game, plug him inside and his slight lower-body stiffness is controlled, while maximizing his potential to clear lanes for Ivory and company. A great talent, with a lot of potential at a position of need, yes please.

Round 3: Jay Ajayi, RB, Boise State. 6'0, 221lbs, 4.57 40.

I know we have Ivory, signed Ridley and re-signed Powell, but personally I think there is room there for a bit of fresh blood. Especially one who's a receiving threat out of the backfield. Let us not forget that Ajayi is the only FBS player to record 1,800 yards rushing and 500 receiving yards in a single season. He may not be a burner but his short area quickness is exceptional, he recorded some of the top times in the shuttle runs and he has great change of direction ability in the hole. He picks up yards after contact on a consistent basis, he plays tough but he shows soft hands and awareness in the passing game, he also doesn't take hits he doesn't need to take. He is one of the better pass blockers in this group as well. There is very little to complain about when it comes to Ajayi, and I imagine nearly every one of the 32 teams would like him on their roster. His fumbles are a concern and he got a lot of work at Boise, but in the 3rd round, I'll take my chances.

Round 4: Eric Rowe, CB, Utah. 6-1, 205lb's, 4.45 40.

Will Rowe still be available right at the top of the 4th round? I really don't know, but most have a grade between early 3rd to mid 4th on him so I'm going to slot him in here. I'm going to kep banging this drum, I'm not drafting him as a corner, I'm drafting him as a free safety. At the combine he was a top performer in every single drill and that backed up what the film said. He has a tremendous amount of athleticism with good speed and very good playing strength. He's got a long frame and has played safety for the majority of his college career before moving to corner in 2014 and personally I think that damaged him. He makes good plays on the ball, instinctive in zone, has the physical tools to play man and has the coverage ability to play center field. He'll be a gem for someone, and I really hope that someone is the New York Jets.

Round 7: Devante Davis, WR, UNLV, 6-3, 220lb's, 4.57

In round 7 you're just trying to find a little talent with the chance to stick. Davis has that, he's not the quickest guy on the field, but he has excellent instincts with good body control and excellent awareness. Excellent with the ball in the air, a good red-zone threat with a bagful of concentration. I'm not saying he's going to be a pro bowler but he's a 7th round receiver who's 6'3, strong, athletic and doesn't drop footballs. He does struggle to get off the line and doesn't create separation on a consistent basis, but when you can catch in traffic, you've always got a chance.

Round 7: Zach Vigil, ILB, Utah State. 6'2, 240lb's.

Zach is a guy that I'm really pulling for this year, 20.5 tackles for a loss and 9 sacks is something to be proud of, and he showed a lot of football grit to get there. Good pass rusher with an excellent motor and a lot of leadership qualities. He has excellent awareness and very good tackling ability. He does get swallowed up by offensive lineman but if he's the man mopping up while the other linebacker takes on blocks, he can stake a claim in the NFL. At the very least, he'll be an excellent special teams player with his attitude and work ethic.