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New York Jets "Flight Connections" 4-13-14

RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

David Vill is currently away on a business trip. While it will clearly not be the same these next few days without David, I do want to have a central post up where people can check for stories and have random Jets discussion. For today at least, I am going to open this thread up.

While this thread might lack the normal features that make Flight Connections so great, I am going to add the GGN Twitter widget below, which will provide any news updates and stories from relevant Jets writers. Some people have called the Twitter widget "spectacular"*

After a fairly quiet weekend for New York Jets news, I'll let the Twitter widget take things from here. Enjoy.**

*Some people means one person, me.

**I know. I know. Just try to make it until David Vill gets back. He will be back in a few days, and you'll have your normal Flight Connections again.