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New York Jets: The Pick That Keeps on Giving

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Did you know a Draft pick the Jets made almost two decades ago is still providing them value? Back in 1996, the Jets used the top overall pick on Keyshawn Johnson. Johnson played four season with the Jets. He was a Pro Bowler in two of them.

The team traded him to Tampa Bay shortly before the 2000 NFL Draft. The Buccaneers in exchange traded the Jets a pair of first round picks, 13th and 27th overall picks. With the 27th pick, the Jets took tight end Anthony Becht from West Virginia. The 13th pick was used to take edge rusher John Abraham.

Abraham played six seasons with the Jets. He made three Pro Bowls. Before the 2006 Draft, unable and perhaps unwilling to work out a long-term contract with Abraham, they traded the pass rusher to the Atlanta Falcons for the 29th overall pick in the Draft.

The Jets used that pick on Ohio State center Nick Mangold, who is a six time Pro Bowler.

Out of a single pick, the Jets have gotten three Pro Bowl players and almost two decades of top level play. I guess Rich Kotite was good for something.