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New York Jets Pick Up Quinton Coples' Fifth-Year Option

As the headline states, the New York Jets will pick up Quinton Coples' 2016 fifth-year option. This gives them another year of Coples for $7.8 million. It also gives them more time to work out an extension or, potentially, a trade. If he is cut before the 2016 season, they will not have to pay the salary; it is only guaranteed for injury.

Coples has been up-and-down in his tenure with the Jets. He looked good from the interior of the defensive line, but the addition of Sheldon Richardson bounced him out to what the team called a rush outside linebacker. He had some few flashes, ruining Maurice Jones-Drew, Jake Locker, and Donald Brown's lives, among others. However, he has yet to take the next step into becoming a good player.

Part of that probably has to do with being bounced around. He's gone from the defensive line to linebacker to jamming wide receivers like a cornerback. Perhaps Todd Bowles has a plan to keep him in one spot. Perhaps Mike Maccagnan has a plan to trade him. We don't know, but I'm looking forward to seeing if maybe they can make him into a star.