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My Christmas (Draft) Wishlist

If the draft goes down this way, I'll be a happy man

I love mock drafts. I really do. I think it's fun to see the perspectives of other people, who they think ABC team is going to take, where XYZ player should go, what needs and reasons for JKL organization has for taking this guy. It's a difficult business, though, and I think last year I hit on about 5 of the first rounders in terms of correct prognostication. It's impossible.

However, rather than give you a team specific mock, I'm simply going to go through some players who are my "wish list"; guys who would be at the top of my interest list in that area of the draft that I think they are going to go. Half of the fun of this stuff is seeing a guy that you want in the 3rd round and find out he doesn't go until the 7th (hello there, Lache Seastrunk!),