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New York Jets Re-Hire Terry Bradway

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

According to a press release this morning, the New York Jets have decided to re-hire Terry Bradway. As you know, Bradway was a failed general manager for the team before he was demoted to a high-ranking member of the front office for roughly a decade.

I'm pretty displeased by this news, as I've made my distaste for Bradway evident on more than one occasion. What really drives me nuts is that GM Mike Maccagnan was quoted as saying, "We need more football guys, and Bradway is the best football mind in the league. We made a mistake letting him go."

The release further stated that Bradway's new title would be an all-encompassing "Director of Football Operations," and that he would be Maccagnan's second in command. His new contract is for ten years, and I've heard rumors that the team is planning on inducting him into the Ring of Honor when he retires.

Have a great April 1st everybody.