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Jets Offer RFA Tenders to Damon Harrison and Jaiquawn Jarrett

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets have offered one year tenders to restricted free agents Damon Harrison and Jaiquawn Jarrett.

This is how it works. These players both have one year contract offers from the Jets. They are also free to seek out offers from other teams. If another team signs one of these players, the Jets have the right to match that contract and retain the player. If the Jets let them go, they would receive a second round pick for Harrison and a third round pick for Jarrett. Got it?

If either player gets signed to an offer sheet by another team, I would let them go. Harrison is a really nice young player, but given the amount of talent the Jets have among their group of interior linemen, and their needs elsewhere, that second round pick would come in handy. The Jets would still have an immensely talented defensive line, and they could add impact in an area where they are weak.

The smart money is on both players being back, though.