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Jets Ready To Pounce On Ryan Fitzpatrick

It has been reported that Houston have deals in place for both Ryan Mallett and Bryan Hoyer. If that's the case it stands to reason the Texans will cut Ryan Fitzpatrick. If so, the Jets are ready to pounce.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets had a significant amount of interest in both Josh McClown and Brian Hoyer, if reports are to be believed, Hoyer will elect to join Houston making current Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick expendable.

According to Albert Breer, if the Texans were to cut Fitzpatrick the Jets would be first in line to offer a deal.

Fitzpatrick has always struggled with interceptions, however he threw 23, 23 and 24 touchdowns in his final three years in Buffalo. He obviously has a familiarity with the Chan Gailey offense and he has had some success in that system.

At the moment the Jets only have Geno Smith and Matt Simms competing for the starting position, and although im not ready to give up on Smith, he should be made to earn the starting spot by beating out a veteran like Fitzpatrick.

Although i'm not a massive Fitzpatrick fan, he can at least move an offense. He threw 17 TD's to 8 Int's last year before injury, if you give him time, he can make plays. If Houston cut him, i'd welcome him with open arms.