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Orlando Franklin Will Sign 5 Year Deal With The San Diego Chargers

Corners are coming off the board quickly, and now the offensive lineman have started to fall.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

When we entered the off-season with around $50 million in cap space, I wanted us to address the secondary and the offensive line. However with players reaching early agreements with teams, the Jets may need to get a move on to secure some of the top talent.

Orlando Franklin, widely considered to be one of the premier guard prospects in this free agency class has confirmed he'll sign a 5 year deal with the San Diego Chargers:

However, all is not lost. Mike Iupati is still available as is Clint Boling. If we end up with one of those guys, I'll be extremely happy with the guard position moving forward. We can't allow too many players to get away however, if Iupati and Boling end up elsewhere, you start falling down the talent pool and we don't want to be doing that.