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NFL Free Agency Thread 3/9

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL free agency period does not officially begin until tomorrow. It really has begun, though. The "legal tampering" period began over the weekend. That allowed teams to start talking to free agents to be. The NFL tried to create a rule that the two sides simply could not agree to a contract before free agency officially opened. That has been happening.

A lot of people are saying teams are openly disregarding the rules. I don't agree. I think this is a product of the rules never making sense to begin with. How do you allow two sides to negotiate and then artificially say they cannot actually come to an agreement? Eventually two sides could find an agreement. How can the league mandate they stop there?

In any event, this is a thread to talk about another day of free agency. The Twitter widget is below to provide you up to date news through the day.