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McCourty Off The Market: Will Sign 5 Year Patriot Deal Worth $47.5 mill

It seems as though another top defensive back is off the market with reports that McCourty will sign with the Patriots to remain in New England for another 5 years.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Byron Maxwell -As good as gone, Philadelphia the destination

Brandon Flowers - Staying in San Diego

Kareem Jackson - Staying with the Texans

Devin McCourty - Staying with the Patriots

Unfortunately for the Jets, the options at cornerback are running out with players agreeing deals before the market truly opens on Tuesday. Devin McCourty decided to stay with the Patriots because of "winning and happiness".

The top three cornerbacks and the top safety are off the board, which is a nightmare when you have the secondary the Jets currently enjoy. That leaves guys like Chris Culliver, Antonio Cromartie, Tramon Williams and Davon House. Not bad players by any stretch of the imagination, but there are no true #1 corners in that mix.

Revis is set for a big pay-day, however if you believe the rumours, that will be with the Patriots. If Revis were to hit the open market, he would get seriously paid. With his talent, so many teams needing a corner and the amount of salary cap space floating about, he would get a bucket full.

I fully expect the Jets to sign Antonio Cromartie on Tuesday. However it seems as though our search for a true free safety will go on, Devin McCourty would have been perfect, but he's no longer available.