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Quinton Coples: 2014 and Beyond

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I think there are times when Rex Ryan gives players roles based on what he wishes their skillset was rather than what their skillset actually is. Rex is a brilliant X's and O's guy, but he has made his fair share of errors envisioning the right role for his players.

I think Quinton Coples is one such example. It would be amazing to have a player versatile enough to line up over the center on passing downs and go outside jamming receivers on the next series. That is what Rex thought of Coples. It didn't really seem like the proper use.

The Jets tried moving Coples around. I'm not sure it was such a good idea. I think the best we have seen of Coples has been as a power guy lining up close to the ball. He wins by exploding at the snap and using his strength to beat his men after he gains leverage. The Jets used him a lot as an edge rusher. I don't think he ever looked comfortable in that role. He doesn't have the bend around the edge. He doesn't the outside pass rush moves. Then you have all of the times the Jets stuck him out to jam receivers this year. He seldom made much of an impact. It was a creative outside the box kind of thing to protect cornerbacks. It is, however, the type of thing you use once in a while to show the quarterback an exotic look and get him thinking.

Coples has not really lived up to his first round pedigree. A lot of that is on him. I think some of it is in the way the Jets have used him, though. They have taken him away from his strengths. I hope the new coaching staff will make it a point to use him as a power guy near the ball. He isn't the versatile guy Rex imagined.

The Jets also might look to trade Coples, but I'm not a fan of that idea. I don't like selling low. Coples has some talent. I think it is worth trying him in the role he was made rather than accepting some marginal return.