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What Exactly is Darrelle Revis Worth?

The former Jets corner could get a king's ransom if he hits the open market.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Free agency is still two days away, yet cornerbacks are already flying off the shelves. Kareem Jackson was the first domino to fall, re-signing with the Houston Texas on a 4-year, $34M contract. Brandon Flowers re-signed with the San Diego Chargers for 4-years, $36M. Byron Maxwell is reportedly leaving the Legion of Boom (Seattle) for the Region of Gloom (Philadelphia) on a monstrous 6-year, $63M deal.

Ndamukong Suh, while he isn't a corner, is reportedly getting a 6-year, $114M contract with the Miami Dolphins, by the way.

So, um, what the heck is Darrelle Revis worth?

Most people would say that Revis isn't worth whatever he's going to get, which will, in all likelihood, be even more than the giant contract Philadelphia inked Maxwell to, and while theoretically they may be right, in reality Darrelle Revis is worth whatever the market indicates, and, as I said on Twitter earlier, the markets indicates that he's worth all of King Midas' gold.

As we see these contracts for corners increase seemingly every couple of hours, maybe Revis' $20M option with the New England Patriots gets less and less absurd than it originally seemed. LeSean McCoy, an aging player at a devalued position, restructured his deal early on Sunday and will be getting paid $16M in his first season with the Buffalo Bills.

If Revis hits free agency, and all signs seem to point to that happening, how much would you be able to bring Revis Island back to New York?