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Jason Babin: 2014 and Beyond

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Babin was a late signing. The Jets picked him up in July. There are not a whole lot of areas where one can give John Idzik praise during his tenure, but I think Babin was a really nice move. The former general manager locked Babin up for two years at a reasonable rate. The Jets could walk away from the deal after one year without any pain if they wanted.

Babin only had 2 sacks, but his pressure rate tells the story of a fairly productive player. PFF had Babin recording 37 total pressures on 275 pass rushing snaps. That is a 13.4% rate. It is slightly better than first team All Pro Elvis Dumervil. Now please don't take that to mean Babin was more effective than Dumervil. Dumervil had exponentially more sacks. He played more snaps, and it is more difficult to get to the quarterback as a three down player. It is easier to pass rush on obvious passing downs when you can pin back your ears and get upfield after the quarterback, not concerned about the threat of a run.

The point is Babin is still pretty effective. I think the Jets are a really good fit for him to extend his career. He can play limited snaps, and he has a lot of talent on the interior line drawing double teams, creating favorable matchups on the edge. The Jets need to add an explosive starting pass rusher off the edge, but as a situational passing down player, Babin is a nice fit, particularly at a cap hit under $2 million.