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Report: Jets to Cut Percy Harvin When Brandon Marshall Passes Physical

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Diana Russini, a Washington D.C. based sports anchor, reports the Jets are going to release Percy Harvin once the Brandon Marshall trade is officially completed.

This seemed like a formality. Releasing Harvin will free up over $10 million in salary cap space and allow the Jets to send a sixth round Draft pick to Seattle instead of a fourth rounder to complete the trade. While Harvin would have been a nice fit with the addition of Marshall allowing him to be properly used, the Jets have a lot of money tied up in the position anyway and a very good top three of Marshall, Eric Decker, and Jeremy Kerley.

The Jets will end up paying $6.5 million in cap space that could have been rolled over to 2015 and a sixth round pick to have Harvin never play a meaningful snap with the team.